January 20, 2011


The world is Ours to burn

he the fire, me the wind that swirls & fuels

we annihilate the ordinary

we dance in clouds of ash

our music, you’ll breathe

we’re the light at the end of your sanity

in our sweet devastation's darkness

you will finally see

Go mad, everyone, go mad!

be as crazy as we are

...and exist again

feel the wind in my eyes

suffer the red of his heart

die sweetly by our hands

...and exist again


on fire

January 19, 2011


a picture can be what it takes for a heart to tremble 
and a world to shake

an instant flies by and future finds me lost in pixels

drowning in a river of shades like that mighty horse on quicksand

Brightness&Contrast reach out for my memories...

strike them against the walls of my skull

it is my blurred vision of you behind the glass...

a moment that should be forgotten, frozen in time

I cannot tear you into shreds 

but I close you 


as I close this tab