September 9, 2010

i want it all

all I want is You

I close my eyes and see your ghost

even when I kiss them, 

I close my eyes to dream~ Because

it is You trespassing my eyelids~ Because

it is You taking me beyond

I wish you'd drag me to your abyss and kiss me til I burn

~~ does it feel? 

How does it feel to be a goddamn King in a forbidden realm?

what I want is the grip of Your hands 

long fingers, like snakes, wanting to devour me

wanting to creep along my body-scratch it-hurt it...

...inflict the sweetest pain a woman could ever feel

I want your guns
your precious monsters
I want your darkness
your anger
your coldness
your sweetness
your fucking dont's...

I want it all 


heaven in hell

So I’m that borderline between heaven and hell...

It scares you that I dare
to write you out and cut the fragile thread that keeps you sane

There's no greater abyss than that which separates your thoughts from your words~
you speak because you know-I know what you are thinking when you hush

But I can feel the goosebumps raising in your skin when you hear my voice 
across the silence of distance

But there’s your sight running away at night
much too scared of seeing me in the stars~

and there’s the cornered chaos of your mind foretelling you a storm
yet craving for its twist~

and there’s your body forever enslaved by my whims

In Your Nightmares, I’m Your Dream



now we are safe, it is OK to pretend the fear is gone

now we cannot touch each other, it is fine to outwit the distance

like Souls that crave to submerge in the Sea
but wait for the waves to draw back before walking towards the water

we blow open the stitches of our wounds on purpose 
and bleed out hope
as if we were unable to live without pain

or perhaps pretending we cannot live without each other

the walls of Time keep closing on Us
mocking at our inability to move, 
as they tighten

we are just deathlines junkies