March 22, 2010


In traditional Chinese culture, Qi (Ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing.

It is frequently translated as "energy flow," and is often compared to Western notions of energeia or élan vital (vitalism) as well as the yogic notion of prana. The literal translation is "air," "breath," or "gas" (compare the original meaning of Latin spiritus "breathing"; or the Common Greek πνεῦμα, meaning "air," "breath," or "spirit"; and the Sanskrit term prana, "breath").
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Qigong (or ch'i kung) is an internal Chinese meditative practice that often uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques to promote the circulation of qi within the human body, and enhance a practitioner's overall health. (Source: Wikipedia)

We live in a field of qi, "vital breath" or "life energy." Yet, like a fish in water or a bird in flight, we are unaware of the medium that supports us. Qigong means "working with the qi." It is the ancient Chinese art and science of becoming aware of this life energy and learning how to control its flow through a precise choreography of posture, movement, respiratory technique, and meditation. Like biofeedback, qigong teaches psychophysiological self-regulation; the student becomes aware of bodily functions conventionally considered involuntary-- blood pressure, respiratory rate, even the flow of blood and nutrients to internal organs-- and learns to restore a healthier balance. However, unlike biofeedback, no technical devices are needed. Qigong is one of the most cost-effective self-healing methods in the world. 

Qigong is like a great river fed by four major tributaries: shamanism, spirituality, medicine, and martial arts... (Source: Qigong Research and Practice Center.) 
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March 17, 2010


by Marty Friedman

Thank you. 

*A single song from Scenes it's like taking out a single line from a poem, but I couldn't post them all. Let's pretend I did :-). 'Angel' comes next.

March 10, 2010

her story

She walked, and walked. And she could hear the delicious sound of leaves crushing under her feet.

A cold, silver drop of water fell on her chest, almost reaching the neckline of her isabelline dress. She thought it was the start of rain only a second before she realized that it came from her forehead. Yes, she was sweating. It wasn’t due to the warm weather, though, or the pace at which she walked. She was nervous. Her expectations had grown over the past few days to the point of being barely bearable.

She looked up and couldn’t find the blue. Golden leaves were still hanging from hundreds of tangled branches; brown dry branches that refused to stop hitting each other. “A war of trees,” she thought. “At least they still hold on to one another...”

At the sight of grass, her heart started to race. She was approaching, finally, the end of the woods and the beginning of the park. A beam of light blinded her. It was a reflection from the pond. She stopped.

- What am I doing? –She whispered, bent on herself, her hands on her knees, while trying to breathe. –This is wrong... this is so wrong...

 A tear ran down her cheek.

The wind messed with her dress and her perfumed hazel hair as she stood up straight again. An unexpected refreshment ran through her soul. They say this happens when you are about to die.

Dying not always means the end of life.

Standing at the threshold of the park and with her eyes half-closed, she gazed at the other side of the small lake. A person was walking slowly, as if in a stroll, looking around.

She gave a few steps forward and now the 5 o'clock sunlight completely soaked her. The light green of the grass and deep green of the water mixed inevitably to form a sour smell that broke in through her nostrils. But nothing kept her from noticing that he had stopped and was staring at her. She started to tremble...

“At last.” He thought.

To be continued... maybe.

Raven Night

(Raven Woman by Roy Purcell)                                            

     Raven Night 
     by Hagalaz' Runedance
Lost in the neon twilight
I feel my nature waking inside
Would you look towards me?
Would you dare to enter the
threshold to my mind?

Can you see me dancing?
A silent voice singing for you
Hear my Raven call
Would you be enchanted and follow me?

Lost is but a dream fading
And soon I'm calling out again
Would you come to release me?
Would you tear the icy chains from my skin?

March 9, 2010


I’d like to close my eyes and vaporize
 mutate into a fantastic ethereal creature
airily appear in front of you... 
and at the reach of your hands 
be there, so to feel your gaze caressing my skin 
Our eyes would meet. No words needed anymore.  

(Artwork: Spirit of Flight by Josephine Wall)

March 5, 2010

People (text)

I like people. I trust a person right away. Nearly everyone I meet leaves a good impression on me without even trying because I tend to see their ‘good side’ immediately.

On the other hand, however, I don’t like society. I don’t trust it and I certainly don’t like its established system. I mean, it’s become clear to me that I deeply dislike what humans have become as a mass, as a mentally overloaded with garbage, sick of consumerism and ultimately inhuman mass.

I tend to be naive and overly faithful regarding individuals, and yet I can’t seem to get past of what the bunch of us have become as a whole. I like the cells but not the body... the body they turned out to be.

This is why, in my very own and personal world, I feel devastated when I look through my window, the TV, the newspapers... and yet I still find myself full of hope. I smile because, as long as there are good cells, there’s a potentially good body to be built. A better one.

March 2, 2010

Say it (text)

There's a story in Spanish about a donkey, an old man, a kid and their stuff. They were traveling across a country. During their trip, they found several parades.

In the first parade, someone approached the old man and asked him: "Why is that donkey carring only your stuff? Make it carry the child! Poor kid!"

So the old man did, and the donkey started carrying the child, as well as their stuff. They kept going, and found a second parade. Again, someone came to speak to the old man, but this time the person asked: "Why is the child riding the donkey? You are old, he has energy. It should be you instead!"

And so the old man got up to the donkey’s back and let the child walk. And they kept traveling...

There was a third parade they found along the way. Here, some kids came towards the travelers and shouted: "Hey, old man! Why aren't you smart? Why won’t you ALL travel on the donkey?! That’s what it’s made for, come on!"

Once again, the old man did what he was told. Now he, the child and their stuff were all traveling on the back of the donkey. They kept going...

Finally, they arrived to their destination, and found yet another parade where a group of angry people approached: "Why are you doing this to this poor donkey? Poor animal! Can't you see it's suffering? You should be in jail! We don’t want you here, go away!"

Well, I think that beyond the obvious "Humans are dissatisfied by nature and nothing you do will ever seem right," there's something more: Which one is the right way of thinking?

Has the old man priority? Maybe the child? What about the donkey? Or maybe nobody should have an opinion on this?

Well, first of all, everybody should have an opinion. It doesn't matter if it's wrong. Just have it, and speak it. I am not saying that you should start a war over your opinion. Just share it. It's important that we all learn how to communicate and grow from each other.

Then, I personally believe that the donkey has the same rights than anyone so, if he's walking, why not the people around? However, I'm also aware that not everything is black or white. I mean, what if the old man was sick and needed a doctor? Is it right to ride a animal in that case?

Maybe not right, no, but if I was strong as a donkey and was there, I'd carry him on my back too. So I suppose is not wrong either.

All of this came to my mind because I so often have opposed opinions about important matters, and I bet many people have the same issue. Because, like I said, not everything is black or white. There is no absolute right and wrong. There is not a single truth or a single point of view. There are many shades. That's the beauty of it all. But what to do when in doubt?

It is a matter of focusing on yourself. Inside of each one of us are all the answers. So ask yourself: "Who is affected by my current opinion? Why? Who benefits? Have I been ‘educated’ to think this way? Where does this idea/opinion come from? From whom?”

In the end, you should be left with one important question "Do I REALLY want to think this way?” or, better said, “is this way of thinking helping my evolution?"

If we think that our own evolution is directly linked to each other’s evolution, then answering those questions should help you clarify the doubt. Also, we must remember that, whatever our opinion is, there will always be someone or something against it. Listen to that opposite, because the "truth" should be that ephemeral thing somewhere in the middle of you both.