May 12, 2010


I can feel You. When you laugh, when you cry inside... 
It's so pleasant, It's so painful

I feel them all. It is why I sometimes prefer to be alone
See, it just comes to me. I'm helpless before so many sensations, 
left to learn which are theirs and which my own
I'm too often overwhelmed. It becomes hard to speak

When I take someone in, those I pick, very carefully indeed, 
it's because they are songs: Harmony of Chaos singing to my soul

They aren't a few. So many wonderful creatures have this planet
Yet, the one closer is he who rocks me stronger, inspiring all my words

Your Voice, so easy to identify; your feelings come to me in gales of pleasure and joy and pain and anger and passion, 
and make me want to dance
Amidst the chaos, You are the one who owns my heart


May 7, 2010

whim of my dreams

 No words to describe how inconceivable you are
I think of you and watch the Sea evaporate in form of nails

bursting the clouds, bleeding snow over infinite deserts 
You are a whim of my dreams,
irresponsible nightmares begging to stop being stones in my way

My fantasies do not hesitate,
they want to follow you
my skin longs to get rid of me and run toward your purple haze

... ignorant soul of mine, claiming to own your kiss
No dream was ever so beautiful
But no dream was ever so impossible to be


May 5, 2010


If I am beautiful to your eyes, as long as I don’t move
If I am smart to you only when I’m in silence
If you can't draw my face but when your eyes don’t see me
If my presence is too much for you to handle

I don’t want you. I quit needing you.

My fantasies are the Sea in which you’ll drown
My skin will be a long forgotten tumb in your cemetery
Our playful Passion will become cold wax of dullness, 
covering you entirely
The map of your lips, made by mine, will fly in pieces 
as you break down