March 4, 2013


Time did not stop for us

I remember your arms holding me, like a star holds its planets, like the skin holds the organs

But, as it turned out, I could live without you

And how long since then… was it years ago, was it yesterday

What if in this single life I only get to have had you

Fear corrodes me, as if my heart’s been exposed for too long

This is not what I said the other day

My mind changes second after second and I cannot hide

I cannot avoid the waves that come and go,

much like an ocean that wanted to cradle itself to sleep, my mind changes incessantly… 

perhaps betting to confusion, perhaps betting to shallowness

Perhaps we were too much

Too much for one life…

What if justice does exist in this strange, shapeless form and one who has had too much must then have very little

What then

Should I be able to go back, would I take less from you just to be able to have more of him now?

You were the sun you always said I deserved, and I think you knew that

We served and deserved each other, an exquisite plate of flavors traveling beneath the tongue, into the brain, to satisfy the heart

But time did not stop

And now you are gone for me, though I was gone for you before  

And I breathe you every day

And I love you every second

But now, perhaps, 

it's time to love and be loved again