April 17, 2011


That afternoon, he smiled and said: “I want to show you something.”

As we walked, he told me a story

He knows I like it when he tells me stories of pretty girls and violent deaths... His voice soothes me

He began, “you never know what you can find behind a door...

"It is always wise to stay outside lest you find yourself in the cold company of your worst fear.”

The sun was setting. Soft rays of light fought to reach us through the swaying branches

The forest loved us and welcomed our presence every Fall by raining golden leaves on us

I didn't know where he was taking me; I stopped paying attention to the road when he held my hand

-You know you love someone when you don't care about getting lost. Being lost seems somehow impossible when you are with each other-

“...but, like You," -he continued, poking my nose- "she was too curious for her own good and, discarding every warning, she entered the old door...

“Before her eyes, the most monstrous scene she could ever think of: Her own death. 

"In the center of the dark room, a canvas of immense proportions. It was beautifully painted by the masterful -and bloody- hands of her lover. His corpse was laying next to his masterpiece.”

The shadow of a smile crossed his face. “This is it.”

We were at the same river we both knew well but in a spot I had never been at before.

It was a beautiful green river... Large, deep, fast. We used to lay by it and speak of the wondrous creatures that (improbably) inhabited the depth of its waters.

“How far do you dare to go?”

He took off his shoes and offered me his hand. “Come with me”

The water was cold

He was no longer smiling. His eyes were fixed in mine.

My feet soon lost touch with the bottom of the river and I felt its current pulling me down...

Without saying a word, I closed my eyes... The peace of letting yourself go.

It was then when I felt his hand grab mine stronger and pull me towards him.

Once out, he stared at me, as in deep wonder: “You could have died. Are you willing to let me do this to you?”

“No." I smiled. "I'd die for you but I wouldn't let you kill me. Have you ever wondered why I love you?”

"Because I'm pretty?" he teased.

“...because it doesn't matter how deep you take me, you wouldn't let me drown.”

“We could have both drowned...”

“Such is love.”


  1. It's extremely tender and you do great job of describing it with words that just, for the lack of a better word, accentuate that tenderness! Gifted Val.

  2. Loving is powerful, it becomes a life of its own. Trusting offers a veil between two people that sometimes fails to shield the individual from peril. Unsure of his intentions, she permits her boyfriend total control, placating uncertainty, possibly facing her mortality. Her love and trust were enough to permit his dominion. "I'd die for you but I wouldn't let you kill me...." Yet still, she allowed him to lead her to a pending death. "You could have died. Are you willing to let me do this to you?" Her answer, "No," but in commission of the act, could her weakness have disarmed his strength? I think not.
    "deep”: A great write.

    1. This is a great note, Delbert. And I think you are right, trust is a veil; it is mostly the "blind" part in "love is blind." I think in fact she subtly acknowledges that when she sentences "such is love" in the end... but hey, without such vulnerability, are stories worth telling?

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Also, thank you to Aditya and Sir. You all rock. :)